Eden is a partnership between local churches and teams of ordinary people living extraordinary lives in intentional, missional community. Our teams move into difficult neighbourhoods where gangsterism and crime are high, bringing the love of Jesus and the hope of transformation.

We are going after:
· Living Sacrificially,
· Sharing the Gospel and
· Building Authentic Community.

This is how we put these values into action:

1. Move in long-term
Eden teams settle in neighbourhoods for good.
Often we buy houses. Our children go to school locally and grow up here.

2. Step down
Eden team members often choose a path of ‘downward mobility’, relocating to a less desirable neighbourhood which offers fewer visible advantages. For ‘remainers’, the sacrifice is to stay.

3. Preach the word
Eden team members’ mouths overflow with the good news of Jesus, stories of his work in their lives and words of hope from scripture.

4. Serve people
Eden team members are also good news, freely giving their time, talent and finances for the benefit of their neighbours, especially local young people.

5. Be an advocate
Eden always champions its communities and their people. Eden team members speak well of where they live at all times and in all places, and seek to promote its welfare wherever possible.

6. Share your life
Eden team members live open, appropriately vulnerable lives with one another, prioritizing worship and discipleship in a local church community.

Eden volunteers make their homes in poor neighbourhoods, sharing their lives and the gospel

Aspiration and achievement grow as young people are mentored and become disciples of Jesus

The atmosphere changes, leaders are raised, and communities are changed for good

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years since the first Eden
(in Manchester, UK)


teams planted across the world


urban missionaires deployed

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